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Dongchengis in action: Fight against the epidemic, support Wuhan.

2020-02-01 10:35

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the whole country has placedhigh emphasison this issue.  The rapid development of the disease in Wuhan and other places has deeply attracted the attention of all of us. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dongchengjoint together with active response to combat with the epidemic, gearing up intensively to support the frontline.

On Jan 27th, the company set up the "new coronavirus emergency response team" with the chairman as the team leader and the general manager as the deputy team leader. A set of detailed emergency response plan has been made to fight against the epidemic. At the same time, the Group decided to support Wuhan by organizing medical supplies worth 1 million RMB for donation to hospitals in Wuhan. Urgently needed surgical masks and anti-epidemic drugs have been sent to hospitals in the affected areas. Till Jan 31, the company has donated 160,000 RMB of surgical masks; 8.93 million RMB of anti-epidemic drugs, total donated medical supplies around 9.09 million RMB.
At the same time, the company issued an initiative to all staff, calling on all stall actively donate to compatriots in affected areas, demonstrating corporate social responsibility. After the initiative was issued, the staff is enthusiastically engaged in the donation and more than 440,000 RMB was raised until this moment.
According to Notice of Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program for NovelCoronavirus Infections (Pilot Version 4) which was published by National Health Commission and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Two of our company produced drugs can play an effective defense against the new coronavirus. On Jan 28th, the company issued A Letter to Commercial Company Strategic Partner.Based on the strong supply chain network established with commercial strategic partners, the company donated the two anti-epidemic drugs produced by the company to the hospitals in the affected areas at the fastest speed.
On Jan 28th, the company issued A Letter to Cooperative Partners in Hubei. We care about the health condition of our partners in the epidemic area of Hubei province, and do our best to provide support for the partners' local material needs. At present, the company has sent a batch of surgical masks to our partners in Hubei province to relieve the pressure for the prevention and control of the epidemic area in Hubei province.
On Jan 29th, the company issued A Letter to All DongchengStaff.  For the staff’ health, the company attached great importance to epidemic prevention and decided to postpone the resumption of work in strict accordance with the requirements of the local government, cancel the Spring Festival visit, suspend all collective activities, conduct epidemic investigation every day, strictly disinfect the factory, and strictly control the epidemic by implementing a series of epidemic prevention measures.
 “ Care for life with sincerity, Continuous innovation, striving for perfection” is the mission of Dongcheng. When confronting the epidemic, everybody has his responsibility. Through its own actions, Dongcheng hopes to fulfill the enterprise mission of care for life with sincerity and win the battle of the epidemic prevention and control with the forces from all walks of life.


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